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Tesla Capitalization is 1/4 Billion USD

Tesla Capitalization is 1/4 Billion USD.

This is more than the largest companies have. Number 2- Toyota is $ 211 billion;

Only in 2020 more than + 220% against SnP500

At the same time, the company is just entering the positive return zone for shareholders (Return On Equity) ROE

Although the company is steadily increasing revenue. With the normalization of profitability, this should be transformed into even greater profit growth. Revenues & Net Income

New owners wisely look not at the profit, but at a more stable and reliable metric - EBITDA, which is growing steadily. EBITDA & Net Income

Profit is eaten by depreciation and amortization EBITDA & EBIT

The company only recently became operational profitable in the annual interval Net Income & Operating Income

What about the price Price to sales is so high that you will have to wait from 4 years (on 31/03/2020) to 10 years (at the current quote) so that at least the revenue will be returned back in the amount of invested funds. P/S (Price to Sales)

For comparison, the same metric for analogues (last report)

Classical metric of fundamental analysis and non-classical value EV/EBITDA (Enterprise Value to EBITDA)

Yes, earnings per share are growing. But how much more she needs to grow to justify the price and due to what factors is it possible? Sales per Share

Financing, equity, and debt issues are complex issues beyond this review.

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