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Formulas and reports

In the previous post, we showed how easy it is to use our handy tool called Aliases. But we are yet to talk about its coolest feature, formulas:

1. Formulas for metrics 2. Formulas for report

The first one is simple and clear. Using the same logic as before, we can create formulas with aliases followed by a dot and its metrics: (XYZ.DEBTCURRENT + XYZ.DEBTNONCURRENT)/XYZ.EBITDA.

The formula will be applied to each company under that alias.

Besides the above, it’s possible to write formulas for reports!

What if you want to get a report on companies at the time of their merge and compare that to a third one? Easy-peasy!

(Company1 + Company2; Company3) as XYZ

What to read next…

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