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OMG - It's ODM! (new search feature)

What is this? ODM stands for Object Data Model. Sounds rather complex but in reality it’s very simple and easy to use.

We have grouped all fundamental metrics and commodity data together and tied them to the names of companies and futures contracts. Now you can find the company or futures contract you need and after selecting it in the search list, only related metrics will be represented.


More accurate search. Finchart has over 10,000 companies and over 100 metrics for each, more than 15,000 commodities contracts and about 10 metrics for each. That is over 1 million records in search results. But all of them have a common part of the ticker or name. That’s why searching by a company or contract tickers or names are much more accurate and faster.

How to do this?

Step one.

Search a Company name or ticker as usual.

The Groups will be highlighted blue and have "_report" at the tickers’ end.

Step two.

Choose the one you need.

Just press Enter or click on it. The Group will be added to the Formula Box with the "." separator automatically.

Step three.

Here is the magic. When you type the "." separator after the Group name, search results with only this Group’s metrics will appear.

Step four.

Type a name or a ticker of the metric you need without specifying the company.

Step five.

Press Enter or click to select.

Finally, you get a ticker like "Company.metric". It's same thing as the old "Company_metric". EXAMPLE.

We hope this feature will be of good help to you. Please tell us what do you think and feel free to share your ideas!

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