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Calculate your own ratios!

Finchart gives you the opportunity to use both built-in indicators of companies, and make up your own.

Take, for example, the EV / EBITDA.

You can enter the ticker directly "AAPL_EVEBITDA_MRT" and as you type, auto search will prompt you: "AAPL" -> "AAPL_EV" -> "AAPL_EVEBITDA -> " AAPL_EVEBITDA_MRT. "Or try searching for the name" apple ente " -> " apple enterprise " -> "apple enterprise ebit ".

Now try to calculate the indicator yourself. To do this, select the tickers of the required metrics and compose a formula from them.

For this we need:

AAPL_DEBTC_MRQ - Debt Current (Quarterly)? AAPL_DEBTNC_MRQ - Debt Non-Current (Quarterly)

AAPL - Daily stock price

AAPL_SHARESWADIL_MRQ - Weighted Average Shares Diluted (Quarterly)

AAPL_EBITDA_MRT - Earnings Before Interest, Taxes & Depreciation Amortization (EBITDA) (Quarterly)

Using these metrics, we calculate the Enterprise value of the company: AAPL_DEBTC_MRQ + AAPL_DEBTNC_MRQ + AAPL * AAPL_SHARESWADIL_MRQ

and then simply divide by EBITDA:


Here is an example.

As you can see, the obtained data slightly does not converge with the built-in metric, because it trailing twelve months, and in the formula we have quarterly values ​​for specific articles.

In our calculation, we used the daily value of the stock, so the calculated formula was obtained with daily frequency.

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