March 6, 2018

Dear friends! 

As we wrote earlier we had connected London Metal Exchange data source. So, you can see the most popular exchange-traded industrial metals. 

We are talking about the market spot and forward prices. But also, much more warehouse stocks data is available. 


January 30, 2018

Calendar spread analysis is an excellent way to spot opportunities in the market and exploit discrepancies in the market for a profit. However, due to the rise of high-frequency trading and quant funds, these opportunities are diminishing by the day.

An excellent way to...

January 25, 2018

​ This is a small-scale research on my favorite topic of calendar spreads. And at the same time, I’ll demonstrate the main feature of the service.


The charts don’t take discounting into consideration. But in this example, it’s even more conservative, as long-...

January 23, 2018

Dear friends!

Finally we added a hole group  of Commodity instruments to the tree menu. They were in the text search before, but no one officially presented them.

So, here they are:

DCE - Dalian Commodities Exchange Futures

LME Prices - London Metal Exchange spot and forwa...

December 6, 2017


The display of daily data in the table was returned with a limit of 20 points. Suitable for daily monitoring. The charts do not have any limitations, the request is processed on the entire range of the specified dates.

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Telegram group

Formulas and...

December 2, 2017

We have the Telegram Group now!

Get updates on new features and vote for the next one.

Join us! 

What to read next…

Formulas and reports

An easy way to compare metrics from several companies

OMG - It's ODM! (new search feature)

Calculate your own ratios!

October 24, 2017

In the previous post, we showed how easy it is to use our handy tool called Aliases. But we are yet to talk about its coolest feature, formulas:

1. Formulas for metrics
2. Formulas for report

The first one is simple and clear. Using the same logic as before, we can cr...

October 23, 2017

Let’s imagine you want to compare metrics from several companies. How do you go about it?

Of course, you can run a search for each company you need. But if you have 10 or more companies and as many metrics, that’s 100 search queries that you‘d have to run. That’s a lot.


October 17, 2017

What is this? ODM stands for Object Data Model. Sounds rather complex but in reality it’s very simple and easy to use.

We have grouped all fundamental metrics and commodity data together and tied them to the names of companies and futures contracts. Now you can find the...

October 4, 2017

Finchart gives you the opportunity to use both built-in indicators of companies, and make up your own.

Take, for example, the EV / EBITDA.

You can enter the ticker directly "AAPL_EVEBITDA_MRT" and as you type, auto search will prompt you: "AAPL" -> "AAPL_EV" -> "AAPL_EVE...

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